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ALLBLUE VULCAN 130SP Silent 26.5g 133mm Minnow


Length: 133MM
Weight: 26.5G
Hooks:3pcs Treble Hooks
Action: Suspend



  • 133MM
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The basic characteristics of the action and casting distance are the same as the conventional MAG-DRIVE system.
But in order to create a further sense of life and sharpness of action in a large body of 130mm , fixed front and abdomen weights and also the center of gravity Mag drive system weight were adopted.
To further lower the center of gravity tungsten weights were used. Optimum weight distribution was given to invite the target with a clean swimming posture.
By including the center of gravity movement system of the Mag drive, it’s quieter and maintains it’s quietness and stealth.
While having a spec size of 130mm, we succeeded in generating even more natural wobbling rolls when a straight retrieve is used, while keeping a darting action with left to right sharpness.
Outfitted with MUSTAD Treble Hooks and highly realistic paint jobs, the ALLBLUE VULCAN 130SP is the next Pike killer.

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  • 133MM