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Weihai Allblue Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. is a creative fishing tackle company with all kinds of lures as its core. Every year we have about 20 series new product release in the market. After 7 years running, our clients spread all over the world. Thanks to all our loyal customers, ALLBLUE now has agencies in more than 50 countries. As a company close the sea, what we want is always to make fishing easier and easier.Our own brands, Allblue and Blux, are extremely popular in the fishing market. As brand fishing lure owner, we do also looking for the distributors of our own brands.

Creative Design:

Over 20 series of new items are created every year and most have very strong fashion sense. All of the designs are BY ALLBLUE Fishing. As a Chinese factory, we have own R&D Team for the market and always follow and be the leader.

Quality Assurance:

Factory has more than 15 years in fishing lure market. 100% quality assurance before shipping.We support you samples to test if needed before big order. If you have any questions about our design or product, please don’t hesitate contacting us.

Extra Support For Distributors:

Right now we have brands fishing lure exclusive distributor in India,Bahrain and Greece. If you are included, please ask us for the contact. Otherwise, we are still open for other countries.

Allblue Metal Jigs

Allblue Brand Story

  • Allblue, the same as our brand, is the first brand of our Fishing Lure.
  • And it means “Enjoy the Fishing”, as think about water, it is the blue color as sky,  relax and beautiful.
  • Now and in the future, this brand will be always the core especially for metal jigs and Hard Bait.
  • You can still find allblue products,cause as it is always the classic one.

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Blux Brand Story

  • If you have known us, Blux is the new brand in 2019, it is named Quality and Creative Fishing Lure!
  • This year we begin to expand this brand by many really nice fishing jigs.
  • At this moment, it is by salt water and Trout fishing jigs, all is new in the market and effective.
  • This would be the first to consider if you have Creative Fishing Stores!

Want to Wholesale Our Fishing Lures? Click to contact our team Directly! All our response will be in 24 hours!

Blux Fishing Lure

Our Main Fishing Lure Series

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Know more about Allblue

  1. We are Direct Factory with R&D ability,to support our distributors with more creative design in their market.
  2. Over 15 years growth in fishing lure market can ensure our quality.
  3. Over 10000 SQ warehouse can keep stocks and ensure fast delivery for wholesalers.
  4. Experts and custom service team are online everyday.
  5. Keep 100% satisfaction from customers.Our aim is for customer’s success.

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